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hr, dodano: 09-04-2009

Maciek, dodano: 19-03-2009
J'm a boy.
J have a two cats.
This is a dogs Henry.

Luca, dodano: 08-02-2008
Rest in Harmony my dear best friend.
We still love you.

Luca, from Naples (ITALY)

UTSUMI yasuko, dodano: 27-12-2007
I think it is a very good idea. I am japanese, and I love Freddie Mercury. Everyday I meet him. Thank you very much.
Are you Polski? I love Andrzoj Wajda(movue producer). God bless you. Goodbye.

MSreddy, dodano: 02-11-2007
GOOD Idea.

MSreddy, dodano: 02-11-2007
GOOD Idea.

Anne Marie, dodano: 26-04-2007
Best Regards from Ireland, good idea and great design. Compliments. Anne_Marie

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