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Virtual Grave Regulations

1. Virtual Grave is a place where the memory of the dead is stored.

2. The data is stored in electronic form.

3. Data storage is a paid service.

4. The cost of the service is specified in the price list, which is an integral part of the Regulations.

5. The duration of the service (subscription) is specified in the price list.

6. The user is a living person who has registered in the Virtual Graveyard system.

7. The service may be extended by the User for further periods.

8. The user will be notified of the service's expiry date. (Does not apply to flowers and candles).

9. If the service is not extended, the data of the deceased will be disclosed only in the form of an entry in the Book of the Dead, without the possibility of editing the graphics.

10. Data of the deceased entered into the system before August 2020 are considered data entered forever. They are not subject to subscription restrictions.

11. Details of the deceased, along with a description, graphic and photographic materials, will be published after paying the fee in accordance with the price list.

12. The User's data is protected in accordance with the GDPR standards. (see "Personal Data Processing Policy")

13. Data of deceased persons are not protected (see "Legal aspect")

14. The user is responsible for the information provided about the deceased person.

15. The user manages the data entered by himself and the content added by third parties.

16. The administrator of the Virtual Graveyard may interfere with the content of descriptions if they contain false or offensive information, contain profanity or concern living people who do not consent to their publication.

17. The User has the right to resign from the service within 14 days from the date of confirmation of its performance. The fee will be refunded to the indicated account. After 14 days, the service is considered performed.

18. The graves of people of different faith may be found in one cemetery. It does not result from deliberate action aimed at violating anyone's goods or beliefs. This is the result of the applied programming rules. The user can select a cemetery rule when establishing a burial.

19. Transactions are settled via the PayPro SA  Settlement Center. The Virtual Graveyard Administrator cannot view the User's bank account number or credit card number.

20. Defects and errors should be reported to the Virtual Graveyard Administrator by mail to . You Complaint will be examine within 48 hours ( working days).